It's quite eazy to register your company,

there are three EASY steps to take.

1, you form three company names that you really love and would want to keep, after that you send these 3 company names which would then be sent to CAC office to check which of the name is available. Once it is determined ie one of the company name is Free.

That name would be reserved for you. and a printed copy of these reserveD name would be sent to you via our curia company in mazamaza, lagos.


2) FOR 1 million shares you need you need to give the distribution ie the names of the directors and number of shares. note directors can be your sons or daughters or friends anybody. One director must have more shares than the others.

3, the signatures of these Directors.

You see it's quite simple, but you would have to start from the first. once these is done others would be as eazy as a,b,c.

For company name reservation you have to pay =N=5000 this covers the reservation and mails to you. remember these =N=5000 is part of the =N=55,000 total cost of your company registration. (no hidden charge). The Total cost of registering your company is =N=55,000.

Please send =N=5000 to any UBA branch
Account number- 00740520091682
account name Ignatius Odife

once you pay into the account please notify me by text given the teller number and name of depositor with amount deposited AND FOR WHAT PURPOSE.

It takes atleast 7 working days to complete your company name registration.

NB. We would send your printout to YOUNG SHALL GROW office mazamaza abuja line, note you would have to provide somekind of identification to collect the documents we would be sending to you.

Once you recieve the printout then we go on to step 2 and 3. these whole process like i wrote earlier is atleast 7 working days.

these step would now involve sending you forms which you would fill with signatures and sending the form back to us.
Let me know if you realy want to go on. my number is 08035835688

You can see that registering of company is quite easy and cheap compared to what some groups are telling us.

please check out the CAC sites for requirements.

for business name registration check

registration of trustees go to
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